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Thread: 2020 WSOP

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    2020 WSOP

    Now that the Rio sale is done where is the new location?

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    I guess the WSOP is going nowhere.

    It will stay at the Rio for at least the next few years.

    The Rio is an old property that needs immediate upgrades and repairs.

    Expect to see more of these deals.
    Las Vegas Hotels & Casinos will sell more of their assets and just manage the property.

    Caesars Entertainment completes $516 million sale of Rio

    Caesars Entertainment announced today that it has completed the $516.3 million sale of the Rio, which was announced earlier this year.

    The buyer is an affiliate of Dreamscape Companies, which is owned and controlled by New York real estate developer Eric Birnbaum. Dreamscape acquires, repositions and develops hospitality, residential, retail, gaming and entertainment assets.

    In connection with the sale, a Caesars subsidiary entered into a lease under which Caesars will continue to operate the off-Strip resort for at least two years, paying $45 million a year in rent, the casino company said.

    The buyer has the option to pay Caesars $7 million to extend the lease under similar terms for a third year, officials said.

    At the end of the lease term and at the request of the buyer, Caesars may continue to manage the Rio or provide transition services to the buyer, officials said.

    The Rio will continue to be part of the Caesars Rewards network during the lease term, and the transaction is not expected to result in any changes for guests, officials said.

    The World Series of Poker will be hosted at the Rio next year, and hosting rights will remain with Caesars Entertainment thereafter, officials said.

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    Unconfirmed reports of WSOP being moved to Caesars Forum.

    Decision was made to leave the Rio permanently.

    Possibly for next year.

    WSOP will most likely be cancelled for 2020.

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    I’ll miss the place despite the lumpy hard old beds and the accompanying backache, the old showers that never seem to drain, the distinct smell of sewage backup that you go nose blind to after a day or so, the housekeepers that wouldn’t check to see you had a 4PM checkout and unmercifully pounded on your door at noon and those hideous old uniforms the poor waitresses were forced to wear.

    The employees for the most part I dealt with were awesome. The guys who been tending bar near the Sportsbook forever that always took care of me, the ticket writers (Rose) that I could tell were genuinely routing for me to do well, the Diamond check-in reps (Chris) that were always so helpful, my favorite Pho in Vegas (Jenny) and Jimmy in the gym that always was great conversation. I wish them all well.

    As for the shows I think Penn & Teller were about to retire so this may be the end for them. WOW is a great show to take a date and it will be interesting to see where they move that. The big question is where does Caesars move Chippendales? My money is on the Flamingo. Probably the end of the road for Smash Burger. I am sure Druff will miss it.

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    The new convention center looks ready to go. Trip report: “Viva Covid Vegas“ to follow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegasvic View Post
    Now that the Rio sale is done where is the new location?

    See you at the RIO in 2021. I Hope to be there....

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    How are they going to enforce social distancing in a poker tournament with 8,500 players?

    How many people will get infected and how many will die from the coronavirus when the WSOP comes back?

    I'm going to say at least 100 infections and at least 10 deaths.

    WSOP 2021...A Poker Tournament to Die For.

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    I just don't know how it's gonna happen (minus maybe HU or 4max, maybe 6 max)

    They should just cancel it, but won't. I doubt they get 30% of what traffic they'd usually get

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