I apologize I have difficulty uploading pictures and screen shots on pfa, I never really figuered it out.
After 6 weeks of 5 different reasons why they would not action my $500 withdrawl after following all the rules and submitting everything they still refuse to pay me.

The worste part is each time i submitted a requested doc I was sent a reply stating that the documents were approved and please request the withdrawl again at my earliest convinience. All to wait another 7 days to be given a different excuse. Withthe latest I recieved today. Now I was randomly selected for a additional security check. After 6 weeks of sending docs that were supposedly approved.

I did not use a bonus on the deposit and my money shows withdrawable on the site. I can now say without any shadow of a doubt that they are a scam site.

I would truly like to explain everything on Radio as a PSA and also if anybody has any advice for me.

Today I gave up on the 500$ after 6 weeks of them treating me for a fool. However I would like to expose them for how they operate. None of those sites are perfect, I have had some minor difficulties on other sites. But NEVER have I witnessed the kind of scam these guys are pulling. I will try to call radio to provide additional information and im happy to donate to the freerole for the chance to explain evrything they put me through.