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Thread: What is your current worst 5 posters list?

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    I guess I dont understand all of the shitposting on Druff. I'm not nuthugging or any bullshit like that here, but I just feel that some of the comments about this topic are just plain silly and unwarranted.

    People seem to forget how this site transpired.

    Yes, obv Druff put it all together. However I do remember many previous DD posters literally asking him to put something together.

    Some of the SAME posters were rightfully angry in the previous years as to how Micon would often not even acknowledge or engage with forum posters much less bring anything viable to the table on a site he was supposedly responsible for - even though Druff was trying his best to remedy this.

    Well what the fuck? Which is it? What do you want?

    Nothing is going to be perfect

    Nobody is going to get what they want 100% of the time. You're not going to like what Druff says or does 100% of the time. But who really gives a shit here? It's a fucking forum.

    A few of the same people bitching here are the same few who were some of the first to flock here 8 years ago.

    You bitch and complain, yet here you are...

      Brittney Griner's Clit: LMFAO
      Dan Druff:

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    Can Gordman's screen name be changed to Fucking Savage.


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    My bottom 5 would be the rep monkeys who don’t, and have never posted.

    The reality is we are mostly middle-aged to late middle-age and rarely doing anything interesting anymore. We all suck for the most part.

    We can yearn for the days of hels going headfirst into semis and heeb runs and rollings and debauchery, but most of us are at the sweating our PSA tests stage of life. It is what it is.

      Dan Druff: you would still be in my top 5
      splitthis: It's a slippery slope
      Tellafriend: sweating our PSA tests stage of life -- lullz -- apropos of same, mine was a .4 yesterday (winning!)
      Jayjami: Spot on

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    Wish you could red rep someone's green rep they gave you just to show off how alpha you are.

      Tellafriend: here's one
      jsearles22: Stfu

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