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Thread: Is Kilgore Trout banned?

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    This site is fucking crazy. Sonatine owned my soul for years but I'm a psycho and I need to know how everything feels. Fuck bitches though. Fuuuuuuuuuck bitches though.
    "Stop roasting other people and try to get your family to like you."

    -Blossom Gang

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    this must be just a big misunderstanding, I don't remember any of this happening... course i upped my THC intake lately.
    all hail Hydra

    Originally Posted by DanDruff:Since I'm a 6'2" Republican with an average-sized nose and a last name which doesn't end with "stein", "man", or "berg", I can hide among the goyim and remain undetected unless I open my mouth about money matters.

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