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Thread: Druff & Friends Show - 11/01/19 - Getting to Know Joey

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    Druff & Friends Show - 11/01/19 - Getting to Know Joey

    (Topic begins at 0:20:53 mark): Special guest interview with "Chicago" Joey Ingram.... (1:50:43 mark): Poker community starts mass Twitter discussion of rebuy/reentry problem at major tournaments..... (2:14:06 mark): A "misdeal" occurred at a major online poker site..... (2:27:24 mark): Druff limited to $50 betting on Bovada.... (2:39:34 mark): Listener "50Cinquanta" feels the PokerFraudAlert freeroll is a fraud, but he is really just an ingrate?.... (2:47:56 mark): Washington State taking "public comment" on possible repeal of a stupid poker betting limit law.... (2:56:10 mark): Venetian appears to have lost money on their controversial Lucky Shot maximum prize pool series.... (3:13:00 mark): Super drunk Ben Affleck shows up at Commerce, plays poker, somehow wins anyway.... (3:30:12): Angry woman who was ejected from Las Vegas Cannery casino intentionally crashes RV into it.... (3:48:21 mark): Andrew Yang tweets support for online poker legalization, but does he really understand the issue?.... (4:09:56 mark): MGM is selling MGM to MGM.... (4:23:48 mark): Druff editorial #1 - Is Voter ID law unethical?.... (4:50:10 mark): Druff editorial #2 - Few people understand the real problems with US healthcare.... (5:34:50 mark): AHoosierA calls in to tell yet another story of a Las Vegas masturbation encounter.... tradershky co-hosts.

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