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Thread: Request for public comment: Repeal Washington State's Dumb Poker Law

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    Request for public comment: Repeal Washington State's Dumb Poker Law

    Hi fellow poker players!

    The Washington State Gambling Commission is holding a public comment on repealing the states current limit of $300 maximum bet for poker.

    In WA there can also only be three raises per round, another dumb rule.

    Send them your comments here to support the repeal:

    Here's the current rule, WAC 230-15-135

    Wagering limits for nonhouse-banked card games.

    Card room licensees must not exceed these wagering limits:
    (1) Poker -
    (a) There must be no more than five betting rounds in any one game; and
    (b) There must be no more than four wagers in any betting round, for example, the initial wager plus three raises; and
    (c) The maximum amount of a single wager must not exceed forty dollars; however, Class F and house-banked card game licensees may offer a single wager not to exceed three hundred dollars;

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    Thanks for covering on the podcast!

    I wasn't the one that started the original petition, it but I definitely support it. STEAKS included!

    Hopefully lots of people send in good comments to support the repeal of this dumb poker rule.

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    Glad you enjoyed it.

    Thanks for bringing the topic here. Was an interesting thing to visit on radio, and this wasn't known at all within poker.

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