Let's say you have a device such as a dashcam which you want to upgrade to a bigger SD card, but they refuse to work with any SD card above 32GB. There's a workaround!

These instructions are for Windows 10 users. If you have a Mac, I can't help you. Also, these instructions are only for cards of size 64GB or 128GB.

1) Download the GUI FAT 32 Formatter by going to Ridgecorp's webpage and clicking on the image of the program to download it. (Ignore any warnings about it being "dangerous", as it's not.)

2) Run it. Make sure that your SD card is in the drive. Make sure that the drive selected is your SD drive, leave the Allocation unit size as-is (except make sure it's at least 32768), and Quick Format is checked. Leave everything else blank. Do not press start yet.

3) Open up Windows Task Manager (or Process Explorer, if you have it), and terminate running process explorer.exe. Most of your desktop should disappear. Don't worry about this.

4) Now press Start on the GUI FAT 32 Formatter. It should quickly format your card.

5) In Task Manager, go to File->New Task, and type "explorer.exe" and hit OK. (In Process Explorer, do File->Run and type the same thing.) It should restore your desktop.

That's it! Your SD card of 64GB or 128GB should be FAT32 formatted, and will probably work in your device (such as a dashcam or whatever else).

Important things to note:

1) Make sure to only buy SD cards rated "class 3" (speed 10) or better! Otherwise they may not work!

2) Do NOT get a 256GB card or larger. FAT32 has a limitation to where it won't work properly above 128GB.

It is very important that you don't skip Step 3, or otherwise you will probably get this error message:

Failed to open device
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
Step 3 works around that issue.

Also, be aware that your device still might not work with the larger cards if it's too large above its specified maximum. So if they say it only supports up to 8GB, don't buy a 128GB card, because there's a good chance it won't work properly. The closer you keep to the specified maximum, the better chance it will work. However, 32GB max devices will usually work with 64GB and 128GB cards, provided you make sure to buy Class 3 cards or better.