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    Thread worthy

    I took a massive fucking shit last night. It's not a fact it was so huge, but I bought the tri-ply Charmin for the first time. Anyway the Charmin tri-ply just got negative. When I flushed I could see it coming up and it's one of those surreal moments. You cannot do anything about it but stare and get the plunger and towels and fix.

    So I clean up and the water on the tiles and is it not bad. I rent a townhouse and I am top floor. I am quite possibly the best dude above you would ever had above you, completely respectful. Always try to walk quitely at night so as not to disrespect.

    A maintenace guy came to my door and I told him what happened and he and had a good laugh. Apparently a minor amout of water hit their ceiling.

    This morning a bleach crew came and disninfected the place below me. LOL. These people won't even look at right now. I am willing to bet a 1/10 of an inch made it to their ceiling let alone to their floor. I just would have got a bottle of Windex and a paper towel and been done with it if opposite happened.

    Sorry Druff,you did stop me from making threads, but I believe this was worthy.

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