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Thread: iOS upgrades get worse and worse

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    iOS upgrades get worse and worse

    My wife performed an IOS 13 update on an iPad. I was incredulous. The entire night I was rocking back and forth in my chair crying, “Why? WHY? “

    Apple really should partner with Bill Gates on his toilet project and quit software. Apple is approaching Microsoft’s level of software shitshow.

    Assholes nearly bricking a great device.

    Old IOS is a precious thing. Druff knows.

    Gary Kildall is smiling somewhere up there. I know it

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    I agree, but unfortunately Apple keeps the entire train moving to where it's impossible to stay on an old iOS for too long, and impossible to continue using an old device unless you're okay with it barely working.

    Each new iOS gets less and less compatible with older devices, and each new app released (or new version of an existing app) only tends to support fairly recent iOS releases, so you're fucked if you try to stay on an old one.

    Right now, for example:

    - If you have iOS 12 or 13, you're fine

    - If you have iOS 11, you're mostly fine, but some things won't work

    - If you're on iOS 10, many current apps won't work

    - If you're on iOS 9 or below, you're fucked if you want to run any new or updated apps

    Also in some cases you can't even stay on the old apps, because they stop working and force an update.

    BTW, this is also a big problem for jailbreaking, as the current iOS is almost never jailbroken, and there's usually no way to downgrade or upgrade to the ones that are. Apple has a very short "signing" window of older iOS versions, and once that's stopped, you can't put that older iOS on your device if it's not already there.

    So say your jailbroken phone is on iOS 11. You really want to get to the last jailbroken iOS of 12.4, but it's not signed anymore, so there's no way to do it. So your choices are to stay on 11, or to upgrade to 13, and then wait until a jailbreak comes out for it.

    That's why the vulnerability found in 12.4 was so great, because it was the current iOS at the time it was jailbroken, so everyone could upgrade. That's what I did.

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    Out of curiosity, what’s so bad about the new iOS, or what was so much better about previous versions? And what is so good about jailbreaking your device? Genuinely curious!

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