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Thread: "Saved by the Bell" creator Sam Bobrick dead at age 87

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    "Saved by the Bell" creator Sam Bobrick dead at age 87

    Sam Bobrick isn't all that famous, but he had a lot of behind-the-scenes credits in Hollywood.

    However, his most famous work is one which isn't exactly distinguished: He's the creator of "Saved By the Bell".

    The show originally started as a Saturday morning Disney Channel show called "Good Morning Miss Bliss", which after a year on the air, was converted into the much more viable "Saved by the Bell".

    While on its surface, Saved by the Bell appears to be a campy kids' show, it was actually brilliant.

    Its simplicity, upbeat tone, and colorful late-1980s visuals made the show very likable. Even if you wanted to hate it, you found it difficult to do so after viewing a few episodes. Despite taking place in what is supposed to be a wealthy seaside southern California city, the show was unpretentious and easy to relate to, especially for young people at the time.

    Keep in mind that Bobrick created "Saved by the Bell" at age 57, which is pretty impressive given that it becomes increasingly difficult to appeal to teenagers the farther you get from being one yourself. I would have no idea how to write for a teenage audience at this point of my life.

    Even the opening theme was catchy and fun.

    This praise is NOT applicable to "Saved by the Bell: The College Years", which was an abomination devoid of all the charm the original series had.


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    While Bobrick didnít make this movie, the immense career boost it gave Elizabeth Berkley helped her to subsequently land the lead in one of the greatest master(bate)pieces in major studio film history during the home VHS viewing era.

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