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Thread: Radio will be BACK tomorrow (Friday, October 11)

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    Radio will be BACK tomorrow (Friday, October 11)

    Lots to talk about.

    Obviously the main topic will be the Mike Postle situation. You can already hear my rebuttal/commentary to his two-part interview, as that was done on October 5-6, and won't be replayed. (Go to the Radio forum or to iTunes/Google Play/whatever to hear those.)

    The sad thing was that I had Veronica Brill lined up as a guest, before she appeared anywhere else. Now she's hit a ton of different shows already, so she might be sick of appearing on them and not want to come on anymore. Getting sick screwed this up for me, though I suppose it would have been better if I just did a "special" at that point, as I could have handled that. Only the full shows are impossible to do when sick.

    Anyway, maybe she will be on, maybe she won't.

    We definitely will have Eric Bensamochan on to discuss the recently-filed lawsuit against Stones over the situation.

    I won't bother going over many individual hands, as it's hard to do that on an audio show, and Chicago Joey already did this to death (and did a good job with it, to be honest).

    I will discuss everything surrounding the situation, and its far-reaching implications going forward.

    Also expected to be covered:

    - Pokerstars was sold

    - ACR is infested by bots again, and they are stiffing people on rakeback

    ... and plenty of other topics, as well. But those are the big three.

    Might start the show a bit early so we can get khalwat on.

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    Good to know, because, well, that sticky:

    isn't letting me know for over two months now.

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