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Thread: WPN/ACR has regressed back into Botland since the ChicagoJoey interview and not paying Rakeback

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    WPN/ACR has regressed back into Botland since the ChicagoJoey interview and not paying Rakeback

    Interesting article on Pokernews.. Apparently since the Joey Ingraham stories and interview with good old Phil Nagy things have returned to the same shitfest it was before.. No bots have been outted and banned since May and theres multiple confirmed incidents it appears of Bots sitting at Omaha Tables possibly even colluding.. On top of that theres rumblings that suddenly rakeback is not being paid out as was agreed either a thread on Four appears to have exploded also over there.. Obviously this would get a ton of coverage if not for Postlegate basically taking over the poker news world.. Links below to the NVG thread which is 3 pages right now and the story on pokernews below it..
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    Reportedly there's a ton of crashes there, too, both on the server and client sides.

    Whole place is full of fail recently.

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