Really interesting story, and in fact would be a case of life imitating art, if true.

On December 5, 2005, during the peak of the poker boom, the fictional drama TV show "Las Vegas" aired an episode about an amateur female poker player winning a poker tournament by seemingly making impossibly good reads. It turned out that the woman was in cahoots with someone on the staff which televised the final table, and gave her a signal whenever her opponent didn't really have a hand. This gave her the ability to put a ton of pressure on opponents and always get them to fold when weak.

In the story, Howard Lederer (playing himself) helped analyze the play and stated that it was just too good to be true, which led to the heroes cracking the scheme and busting both conspirators.

Of course, this was all fiction. To my knowledge, this has never occurred in real life. Despite the danger of televised events possibly allowing for cheating, I haven't heard of any verified (or even credibly accused) instances of it actually occurring.

Until now.

Mike Postle is a mostly-unknown player. He has racked up a lot of tournament cashes over the years, adding up to over $500k. However, no cash was over $118k, and most of the tournaments he's entered in the last few years have been low stakes.

He's recently been playing on the Stones Live stream, which is similar to Live at the Bike. Stones is located in the Sacramento area. Two years ago, I appeared on the stream, playing 100-200 limit holdem.

An issue was recently raised by Stones sometimes-commentator/sometimes-player Veronica, aka "Angry Polak".

Veronica was born in Poland but has spent most of her time in the US. She's 42 years old, but looks good for her age.

That's actually not even a good picture of her. I saw her two years ago in person and she looked very good, though not quite as good as her super-filtered pics on her Twitter. But I digress.

Veronica recently raised an issue on Twitter about Mike Postle's crushing of Stones Live, where he seemingly picks off all bluffs and just soul reads everyone.

Here's a compilation of hands:

Here's another one, though this is one of the rare times it didn't work out for Postle, as a fish with A9o couldn't let go of his A9 high for a ton of money!

Here are Veronica's tweets about it:

Stones gave this response:

They were not clear what this "investigation" entailed.

Mike Postle has not been known to be a particularly tough or soul-reading player outside of the Stones Live stream.

There is some legitimate fear that he has someone on the inside signaling him in some way when his opponent does or doesn't have a hand.

Here's his Twitter, where he denies it:

I have an idea... why doesn't he come down to play at Live at the Bike instead, and we can see if he has the same abilities?