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Thread: Stones livestream player Mike Postle accused of "live superusing"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post

    Actually, the only Tweet I embedded in either of the stories I wrote was Verstandig's. The editor at PokerTube, Adnan, decided on his own to put some other Tweets in there to punch up the story. I wish he hadn't done that with that Tweet of Joseph's, and I'll have to talk with him about that.

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    Even if you had embedded those tweets, so what?

    It's not like Postle is of unimpeachable character and this changes his reputation. I feel that all stories about Postle need to be publicized, and then people can evaluate each on their own merits.

    RounderLife (Evert Caldwell) just seems obsessed with discrediting you, because you frequently write articles about Postle. I don't think anyone's buying it. I haven't seen any truly neutral people change their minds about Postle as a result of RounderLife's propaganda.

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