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Thread: Cheating scandal brewing regarding Mike Postle and Stones Live show, with accusations of "live superusing"

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    Quote Originally Posted by shoeshine box View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Salty_Aus View Post

    There's loads of circumstantial evidence.

    Obviously they need some hard proof or this goes nowhere.

    He will be barred from Casinos is My Opinion. No Jail time at all. I bet.
    he should be barred from casinos but i doubt it. maybe stones as they try and save face. but i don't believe russ hamilton is barred from anything.

    as for jail time. no chance, unless he was working with somebody and they implicate him. you can't prove he did anything

    what joey and that blonde chick needed to do is keep their investigation under wraps and catch him in the act him on phone or planting a mole next to him to swipe it in the act.

    them blasting all this poker cheating stuff all over the internet actually helped postle.

    if i were postle i would be more worried about certain parties/players he ripped off. i'm sure he did it to a few unsavory types that have a violent streak in them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bottomset_69 View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    I don't think I mentioned this yet regarding the Verstandig-led lawsuit against Postle/Justin/Stones.

    One of the attorneys listed in the filing is Kelly Minkin.

    Yes, THAT Kelly Minkin.

    I learned earlier this year that she was an attorney, but I had been led to believe that she was non-practicing -- at least since she got more into poker.

    Then suddenly she was listed as one of the attorneys working with Verstandig.


    Apparently she joined Verstandig's firm "a few months ago". I don't know how much actual litigating experience she has. It's possible Verstandig added her simply because she's an attorney who understands poker, so she can be useful in that regard. Of course, Verstandig is also an attorney who plays poker, so is another one really necessary?

    Overall, I have respect for Minkin, but I really don't like her social media presence. It screams, "Smart, nerdy girl trying to act hip so you think she's cooler than she actually is."

    I mean, her Twitter screen name is @The_Illest, and that's not trying to be ironic. Then there was the awkward white girl rap she did to open one of the days of the WSOP Main event this year.

    She has enough going for her (good at poker, smart, pretty) to where she shouldn't need to put on this stupid act to impress people.

    Anyway, that's my small nitpick for the day.

    Carry on.
    Donít disagree Kerstetter wouldíve been a better choice she also works for the law firm and has actually done some legal work lately as I understand it vs Minkin who I donít believe has done any recently. (Kerstetter has done more commentating then playing the last several months other then a PAD she did recently on PokerGO)
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    Small update:

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    watched all of ingram's live streams and read the whole fucking 2p2 thread and it's insanely clear that this guy cheated hard and some motherfucker at a local tourney today was like wellllllll they still can't really prove anything. people are so fucking clueless

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