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Thread: Vlogger Ryan DePaulo gets lifetime ban from Borgata after filming without permisson

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    Vlogger Ryan DePaulo gets lifetime ban from Borgata after filming without permisson

    Here's the 2+2 thread about it, which is kind of a mess:

    The cliffs on the situation, from what I can gather:

    - Ryan DePaulo, a vlogger with an obnoxious, in-your-face style, was banned for life from Borgata after being caught filming his vlog there.

    - Apparently he can attempt to appeal his ban in one year.

    - He has a history of doing more than just vlogging. Some report that he has shoved his camera in people's faces who don't want to be filmed by him, including Doug Polk.

    - In one of DePaulo's previous Borgata videos, he admits that he's attempting to avoid security catching him filming, so it's clear that he knew he was breaking the rules.

    - DePaulo has apparently been warned about his behavior before at Borgata, regarding berating other players.

    - DePaulo claims he was indeed warned before about filming, but that they implied the warnings weren't serious when they gave them to him (lol)

    I realize that he's somewhat playing a character and trying to get views by being outrageous, but the guy sounds like a jerk, and not someone I'd want in a card room where I was playing.

    Good ban, IMO.

    Here's his tweets about it:!/x/status/1172372689631109121

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    His vlogs are very funny and pretty far from "I got AK sooted under the gun and raise to $25..." stuff that bores me.

    Too bad.

    He had a deep run in the Colossus this year (3rd I think).

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    THIS IS FUNNY>>Ryan Depaulo: Degenerate Gambler

    Sep 9
    Can anyone put me in touch with a borgata host

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    He is a complete dork. Liked his vlogs at first but after some interaction with him he turned out to be a sort of snobbish ass.

    I do like the way he makes fun of himself but also most of his jokes are way out of line. Video in the casino without people's consent is a good way to get beat down .

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    He's signed on to the 2+2 thread. Good stuff.

    Not very readable because he doesn't know how to press enter.

    But seems like a good guy. I think his videos are very funny,

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    The question is will the Borgata now attempt to enforce its ban in NV?? (sorry couldn't resist).
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