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Thread: Venetian $150,000 Guarantee event is actually a $150,000 MAXIMUM event where they pocket extra money

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    Meh, marginal money loss.

    They can always add another zero to the roulette wheel to make it up. Call it a thruple for more publicity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    Yeah looks like they lost money thanks to the $52k they were giving away for the drawing. So maybe they will not run this shit again in the future.

    Hilarious that 3 people at the table had no idea about the capped prize pool. Remember the guy on the phone during the radio phone call, where he insisted that everyone was well informed, and that they did enough to educate the public what they were really buying?

    That was my biggest problem with this event. It was constructed specifically to hide the truth from people regarding the maximum prize pool.
    I played at 3 different tables throughout the day. Overall, more people were not aware of the capped prizepool.

    I feel like a lot of the players I was playing against were out of towners just taking a shot at a $150k GTD prizepool for $250 (in their mind).

    I did not see a lot of the tournament regulars I see around Vegas for these type of stakes

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    This is an annoying fail.

    We restart at 12:05 with 15 minutes left in a level.

    We play 15 minutes and they send us on a 10 minute break until they start they drawing at 12:30...

    It’s currently 12:38 and they’re on 4 names in to the 22 names being drawn.

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