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Thread: Walmart commits attempted economic suicide today

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    This is now the official thread to brag about how long it's been since you stepped inside a Wal-Mart

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    Quote Originally Posted by ftpjesus View Post
    I can tell you for one. As far as groceries I can happily go to Albertsons Safeway or Bashas and buy my groceries there are enough sales around that if you bother to pay attention you can find stuf
    Sorry buddy, Safeway and Albertsons also prohibits guns in their stores (they actually have a stricter policy than Wal-Mart lmao). As does Target, Costco, CVS, and now Walgreens and Kroger. Never heard of Basha's, but if you google you'll see people complaining that they have signs on their door that say No guns unless you have a CCW, meaning no open carry there either.
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    Here's a small sample of the stores you'll need to start boycotting

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    Quote Originally Posted by ftpjesus View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by cleatus View Post
    Gotta to disagree with what you said, not you. How many folks have you seen open carrying in any biz in firearm friendly AZ? There are plenty of alternatives to Dick's, not so for walmart as they have destroyed numerous Ace, True Value, grocery stores, clothes stores etc. How many weekly trips to walmart were for ammo only, vs trips for food staples, a pack of socks, and a carton of smokes? I never knew of the marketing tricks you mention, how many others are unaware? The six walton kid's wealth equals that of the bottom 40% of yanks. they might not be afraid of the repercussions. how long will outraged rednecks drive past walmarts and instead stop at J & G Sales (Prescott), Safeway, and Beall's Outlet.
    I can tell you for one. As far as groceries I can happily go to Albertsons Safeway or Bashas and buy my groceries there are enough sales around that if you bother to pay attention you can find stuff.. As for the issue of Sams that's easy.. I wont be renewing in January.. Wife has a card from her mothers business so we can go to Costco no problem and both stores are relatively close on US 60 here in Mesa.. Oh and theres an Ace Hardware next to Bashas less then a mile from me.. In the end I doubt my costs for taking my business elsewhere will increase if at all (especially given we have extra freezer and fridge space having bought a second with having 3 other adults in our house (wifes sister her husband and their nephew) we generally buy in bulk anyway for meat as well as stuff like soda (cant beat 36 pack cube for under $10), TP, Paper Towels. On the flip side my wife and I pulling our RX meds from Walmart.. Yeah that's literally tens of thousand dollars a year they will lose in reimbursements as on my two insulins literally run well $8k every three months as billed to insurance negotiated not even the cash price ($4529 for short acting and $3657 for my long acting), My wifes Respiratory meds run over a thousand every three months payments from insurance (and yes the first part of the year sucks ass for us because there is a $3300 per person out of pocket on RXs separate from our medical coverage even with FSA its brutal once that's spent.. I have a discount card that will help with one insulin but even then my copay until capped on expenses is over $600 on a single refill.. The point being if Walmart is losing that from just somebody like me who granted is on the higher end of the reimbursement spectrum you still have to figure they could lose tens of millions if not more easily if folks took their business elsewhere on the pharmacy side and that's not one that the stores can control such as trying to undercut other competitors.. If you think the Anti 2A crap isn't going to resonate and just be ignored by its customers out of having no other options I assure you theres ALWAYS options even in the backwaters of Arkansas themselves.. In fact back in Southern VA where I used to live theres still IGA stores in a lot of places (for those that don't know IGA is the Independent Grocer Association and is basically the mom and pop grocery stores that buy in bulk as a group to get similar deals to bigger chains to remain competitive). As for how many folks Ive seen.. Shit dude Anytime Ive been in Walmart its been a fairly decent handful at all hours except usually overnight where its hit and miss.. The Cigarette argument is specious only because taxes by the feds and state levels control mostly prices in every situation mostly.. Rarely see a huge difference in prices even between a place like 7-11/QT or Walmart for that matter if folks are buying by the carton.. Prices are set by the manufacturers more often then the stores themselves..

    As for Waltons Kids they haven't been involved in running the company in a very very long time.. They've got their billionaire trust funds and have who gives a fuck money and attitudes mostly.. Why you would think the family is running things is beyond me.. Im not even sure how involved they were before Sam himself passed away.. I actually worked for Walmart back in the early 90s and again actually right before I started nursing school as I was trying to find a job to make some money to have to be able to move from NC back to Virginia.. I actually lied told them I would be transferring up to a store in that area.. Didn't but it kept my insurance in force for the short while I needed it till school started and such in 2007.. No the management of Walmart now is in no relation to the family and is pretty much folks looking to keep an edge however but alienating customers by no longer price matching then their other program.. They've made even returns like jumping through hoops Ive seen and found out.. It doesn't matter if those jackasses sell you bad meat or something.. You can bring it back but no longer will they give you a refund no you are literally forced to exchange (and they hope spend more) for other food items.. Even grocery stores don't treat their customers that badly if you get something bad and rotten (prime example wife bought a GF Dairy free pizza.. Got it home the fucker had literally mold on it despite being packaged and frozen.. Took it back and we got our money back.). So I stand by my point Walmarts arrogance is going to blow up in their face.. they've slowly already put the screws to customers but then you do something that will likely earn the ire of likely a massive portion of your customer base.. Don't be surprised when Walmarts year over year and other numbers start tanking.. Its very likely this smacks of their deep arrogance thinking they can do whatever they want.. Again the people they are attempting to appease with this move wouldn't shop at Walmart anyway.. Leftist limousine libs shop higher end stores (IE in AZ that would be AJs Fine Foods among others) they don't like to mix with the riff raff commoners (Why do you think theres no Walmart in Paradise Valley and the Sams Club was closed up in Snobsdale).

    First off, Im not reading that whole wall of text you've got going on here lately. Split your stuff up so it's easier to read please.

    Most people here know I own weapons of different types and I lean right when it comes to gun ownership. That being said, IMO Walmart banning open carry is not going to have the negative effect you think it will.

    Personally, even in areas where I know open carry is perfectly legal, you will probably never see me openly carrying a firearm. Most people who are legally permitted carry would much rather carry concealed than open. I'm not sure if there are any stats on this...there probably are somewhere but frankly I'm not going to look it up; however, I'd be willing to bet that a vast majority of us citizens who want to carry a gun for self protection prefer to conceal-carry.

    Also, the more I've thought about the whole open carry situation - whether someone is doing it to "make a statement" or not, I think it is just pretty stupid. I personally prefer the element of surprise; this is just one reason of many as to why conceal-carry is superior. If someone decides to try to rob me or whatever it might be, why would I want them to know that I am carrying? People can make the argument that "well, maybe they wont rob you if they see you're carrying", but I disagree. There are plenty of psychos out there who would gladly draw on you before you can reach your weapon and if nothing else, steal it from you.

    Also, if you find yourself caught in the middle of a robbery or whatever, a perp may act much differently toward you when they see you're carrying...they may think twice and run, but if it's some batshit crazy crackhead or whatever, they also might be more aggressive and on edge toward you and possibly wish to eliminate you as a possible threat to them.

    Oh and btw, as someone else pointed out...Albertsons and Safeway have stricter policies.

    Edit: FWIW I also want to disclose that this opinion is coming from someone who has been held at gunpoint and robbed in the past. If anyone wants the story, let me know and I'll share it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gordman View Post

    Edit: FWIW I also want to disclose that this opinion is coming from someone who has been held at gunpoint and robbed in the past. If anyone wants the story, let me know and I'll share it.
    Share that shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuntmissioner View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Gordman View Post

    Edit: FWIW I also want to disclose that this opinion is coming from someone who has been held at gunpoint and robbed in the past. If anyone wants the story, let me know and I'll share it.
    Share that shit.
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