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Thread: Druff, Drexel, & Vwls Show - 07/31/2012 - Pokerstars & Trickle Down Dickonomics

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    Druff, Drexel, & Vwls Show - 07/31/2012 - Pokerstars & Trickle Down Dickonomics

    The three hosts analyze and explain the historic purchase of Full Tilt by Pokerstars. Weissman and Onestep compete for $10 in our inaugural episode of the new "What Does Ken Scalir Think?" game. Colonel Nigel Fabersham and Freckles prank call an up-and-coming young porn star, where Fabersham pretends to be former porn star "Dick Trickle". We discuss the recent news that the DOJ will be liquidating all of Absolute Poker's assets and possibly paying that money to affected players. Druff explains how users affected by TheTemplar's scam can apply for their money back. We touch on the story of the guilty plea by the Bellagio Pepper Spray Bandit. We discuss yet another report of a controversial situation at the Rio where a deck was found to have two Jack of diamonds, and the floorman refused to search the deck for other duplicate cards. Vwls discusses real dolls and asks the two male co-hosts if they would have any interest in inanimate objects built to look and act like females.

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