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Thread: Borovetz arrested again for airport scams

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    Borovetz arrested again for airport scams

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    This dude really is a great low level scammer. It’s a shame he has nothing to show for it. Considering he’s been arrested 13 times or whatever and gets no significant time, he’s not going to stop until some judge finally loses it and puts him away for a decade.

    I mean, that he pulls this off repeatedly multiple times at one airport shows serous skill. I could get scammed if someone had their kids with them. I could get scammed by some super hot chick or some woman where I felt bad for her. I’d just laugh at this dude and be like,”fuck it, go sleep in that corner until someone wires you some money tomorrow.”

    Like I’m never getting scammed by some male by himself unless he was either a 12 year old kid who seems like his parents put him on a plane or he’s 86 years old. Never some middle aged single male. He must have a great story and pick his targets amazingly well.

    He could be a million dollar club salesmen with that skill set.

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    He should get a real job as a salesman as someone had mentioned. He could sell ice to an eskimo and he is a legit shark poker player. Pai Gow is a mistress he cannot avoid.
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    Borovetz is amazing the way he has parlayed this airport scam into a totally unsuccessful poker career. He'll be out soon I'm sure and I'd love for Druff to get him back on the show. He was great the first time. I always thought that he could become a PFA reclamation project and assume the position as Druff's newest co-host, along side of Tradersky of course.

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    I'm not sure if he should go without facial hair for his scam. He looks a little menacing shaven. I think that the needy sad sack look is better represented with facial hair.

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    Its frankly a disgrace that Borovetz isn't an active poster here.
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    I do wonder if this airport thing is a pathological desire for him, and it's not even about the money for the most part.

    He has some obsession with airports, despite the fact it's gotten him arrested 13 times. He knows by now that there's no way to pull it off for any length of time without getting busted. Why not branch out to "safer" scams -- even the low-grade "I'll trade ACR money if you send me PayPal/Cash App first" crap that's been going around lately?

    Reminds me a bit of peterdc, in that Peter seemed to scam more for the enjoyment of scamming than an actual need of money. (Peter also needed money, but he had a lot of ways to get it, including a sugar momma who was in love with him.)

    I think Justin Smith was also scamming more of the enjoyment of the grift.

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    You may have hit it on the head. Some people do get addicted to grifting . The thrill of manipulation.

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    I dont know why this is illegal but panhandling on the subway isnt. Let people do what they want with their money. I feel like all begging should be banned outright.

    It is in my bones which sucks so can make it hard to move sometimes. Trying to spend as much time with friends and family.

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    I thought I was recently playing a tournament @ The Venetian with him. Still not 100% sure. Check out seat 9

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    probably not.
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