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the bet was originally "trump impeached over muh Russia collusion" then changed when I think u told him official impeachment "by 2019" or something would probably be impossible, how many times will u deny me money hater.

Ill take 200. I need to get something out of it cuz I technically owe Toaster Fag $100 I think for some other bs bet
Unfortunately I see your brain is still wet, there was no bet. You agreed to cancel the bet about Trump being impeached. What I did say was if it was found the Trump administration didn't "collude" with Russia then I would GIVE you $300. Turns out they 100% colluded. As we all know with over 12,000 documented lies on record most of the time when your mango Mussolini is saying something it's a lie. "No collusion, no obstruction"... 2 lies, one sentence... No $300.

Good day sir.

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btw fag I like to name drop u once in a while when insulting ppl way out of their element