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Thread: Child Support Robbery!!

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    Child Support Robbery!!

    My oldest child just recently turned 16 years old. I've paid child support from the time that she was born. During the last 16 years I've had several different jobs that range pretty wide in pay.

    In 2004 I was only making $6.50/hr and was ordered to pay $40/week.

    In 2009 I had my first really good paying job. I only made $11/hr but I received bonuses based on performance. At this point I was paying $120/wk in child support.

    In 2010 they throttled our bonus structure for the first part of the year. In June/July 2010 I had my best months ever and netted approx $18,000 in bonuses over those 2 months. In August they set our bonuses back, and I had the same results in August/September, however my bonuses were only about $2,000/month. When my daughter's mom took me to court, the courts stated..."Well according to your paystubs, you're CAPABLE of making $XX amount, so we are basing your child support off that. I was bumped all the way up to $275/wk in child support.

    I ended up losing this job in late 2011. I couldn't afford the $275/wk and went to court to have it reduced. After that job I was making a flat $12/hr - no bonuses. When I went to have my child support lowered, the courts didn't like that I went from making $70k+ a year to only making $25k/year. So they told me I needed to look for a higher paying job and only lowered my child support to $180/wk

    Sometime in 2014 I was able to get it lowered to $140/wk and that held from 2014 - 2019.

    Recently I've started a new job here in Vegas that pays pretty well. We are in the middle of our busy season so I'm working between 60-70 hours a week....anything over 40 hours is 1.5x my regular pay. Our busy season only lasts for about 3 months out of the year and after that...overtime is normally capped at 5 hours/week.

    I spoke w/ the judge recently and had to forward over my last 3 paystubs. I explained the overtime thing to him but he didn't believe me. I even offered to have them contact my employer, but they were not interested. They based my child support on me working 52 hours/wk....I'm back to paying $240/wk in child support.

    MEANWHILE. My daughters mom has not had a job in the past 17 years. She's lived off my child support and government assistance. She's had 2 drug dealer boyfriends in the past that were both arrested at her house, but the courts refuse to give me even joint custody...even when I lived only 10 minutes from her (She lives in Indiana)....

    The system fucks over guys big time.

    Luckily I only have a few more years of this shit.

    ***Note: I have 0 issues with providing for my child even when they don't live with me. However I hate that I'm the only one that is basically forced to be financially responsible for her. In 2004 I actually had to spend 30 days in county jail because I got $300 behind in child support.

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    Plus I have to pay for...

    50% of any school trips.
    50% of doctor bills
    50% of drivers training

    Most of the time I'm left with paying more than 50% because I'm the only parent with a job

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    I feel your pain. Pretty sure our dicks got us in trouble. Lesson learned

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    I stared into this abyss recently and was not happy with the view.

    The whole 'mens rights' argument is hilariously toxic trash but in the case of child support, they have a fan.

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    you should have worn a condom before you stuck your dick in a lazy slob

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    Quote Originally Posted by JACKDANIELS View Post
    you should have worn a condom before you stuck your dick in a lazy slob
    if you’re into raw dogging or just don’t have a condom, just cum on the tits... it’s fun and will always make you smile. Obviously this advice is a little late but others can learn from this
    all hail Hydra

    Originally Posted by DanDruff:Since I'm a 6'2" Republican with an average-sized nose and a last name which doesn't end with "stein", "man", or "berg", I can hide among the goyim and remain undetected unless I open my mouth about money matters.

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    That judge has probably seen a lot of sleazebag biological fathers try to get out of paying a fair amount of child support and lumps you in as a likely suspect of that group.

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    There is only one scumbag here:


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    get a family law attorney, your problem is not unusual and the lawyer will get you squared away

    what happened to you is called change of holds that if you earn more you pay more, but also, if you earn less you can get the amount reduced provided you are able to prove that you are earning less. The judges hear parents whining about support all the time, so they won't listen to your complaints at have to be able to prove you don't have the earning ability/disposable income the judge believes you have

    and if as you say your increased pay is seasonal, then you go back to the court 6 months afterward and show the court your earnings are not level through the year....your attorney will know just how much proof/time is needed to show what your earnings actually are.

    ask your employer for an copy of your earnings record---referred to be accounting people as a payroll journal--a report that shows your gross earnings and paychecks...then take that into will prove that your are being honest about your ability to pay
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    By and large, especially in the more rural and southern states, the system is set up to fuck men.

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    To every lower middle class white man in America:

    The reason you haven’t got your “fair share” of the American Pie has absolutely nothing to do with the government and everything to do with the poor choices you have made in your lives. If you want someone to blame, look in the mirror. Nobody is coming to help you and nobody cares, especially that fucktard in the White House.
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