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Thread: Anyone ever try the "Slow Carb Diet"

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    Quote Originally Posted by limitles View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Gookieheimowitz View Post

    Yeah I probably said that wrong. Here is a typical day for me

    Breakfast I have 5 slices of thick cut bacon.

    Lunch is usually a couple slices of cheese with some turkey

    Dinner example Tonight I had two thick pork chops and a California Mixed vegetable .

    I also mix in some salads with red wine vinegar .

    Omelets loaded with Veggies and meats .

    As I said before the biggest thing for me was cutting out Sugar and Bread

    Greek yogurt also as a snack .
    Why don't you try some head cheese? Idiot
    My Grandma used to make the most divine head cheese. It is actually good for you after you remove the top layer of hardened fat.
    Au Naturale

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    I’ve lost 56lbs by cutting down drastically on carbs and starchy food without adding any exercise.
    My a1c has gone from 69 to 41.

    Not an expert on this topic but anyone carrying some extra pounds this seems worth trying.

    Also anyone watched “FAT: A Documentary” yet?

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    So, 5 weeks or so into this diet and 18.5 lbs shed off my frame. Added the supplements recommended by the diet and they seem to be helping. When i told my wife of the weight loss she said "Really, that much?" And I replied, "Last night when I was on top, it didn't feel any lighter?" She said, "Well, when you put it that way, yeah you are lighter."

    Another interesting benefit of the diet has been my poop has been returned to normal. Last year I used these Isogenic shakes that really messed up my insides and turning every Deuce dropping into a fearful experience. This diet seems to have done the trick in fixing the damage. Now, it is normal and I can pretty much set my watch by it. TMI?

    I also have much more endurance during runs, workouts and of course sex. Realistic Goal: Sub 2:05 Half Marathon. Ultimate Goal Sub 2:00 Half Marathon. Yes, I know these are not Elite times. But for a regular soon to be 53 year old dude, who has only run 3 half Marathons in his life, it ain't half bad.

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    Update.....6.5 Weeks in 23 lbs and several inches off my waist. Diet is more tolerable and I follow it without thinking too much. People who haven't seen me in a while are commenting about the weight loss. 2 more lbs and I'm going to have to navigate some maintenance mode. Don't want to lose too much weight.

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