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Thread: Druff & Friends Show - 07/22/2019 - If You'll Listen to 6 Hours, You'll Listen to 8

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    Druff & Friends Show - 07/22/2019 - If You'll Listen to 6 Hours, You'll Listen to 8

    Druff runs very deep in WSOP Main Event, and talks about his experiences with eventual winner Hossein Ensan (topic starts at 0:25:40 mark). Main Event bubble clusterfuck occurs, including a missing min-casher (1:27:37). Unexpected "second bubble" mess occurs at 163rd place at Main Event (2:00:55). Jack Effel causes controversy with ruling/attitude in critical moment for Dario Sammartino close to Main Event final table (2:17:31). Alex Livingston's QQ fold preflop during final 6 at Main Event -- smart or stupid (2:31:43)? Druff gets pulled over for violation of "Move Over Law" south of Vegas (2:50:25). Update on Smashburger Rio situation (3:23:29). Lawsuit filed against Encore Boston Harbor (3:43:19). Comedian Doug Stanhope gets banned from Rio, blames it on bad review he posted in February (3:59:12). Two guys scammed terminal cancer patient Kevin Roster, including a Baylor tennis player and a guy Druff once knew in 2009 (4:35:24). Is VPNing into non-US-accepting poker sites cheating (5:13:33)? Guy wins $500 royal flush promo at MGM Springfield, but they won't pay him due to leaving ID in the car, and they won't let him get it (5:36:50). allegedly ships wrong amount of chips to winner of side pot in tournament (6:05:09). Maurice Hawkins accused of ripping off a backer again (6:21:17). Dennis Blieden accused of embezzling $22 million from company to enter high stakes poker tournaments (6:51:07). Robert Alexander accused of embezzling investor money to gamble, play poker (7:03:29). Borgata went after Ivey's Nevada assets, WSOP winnings (7:16:33). Video poker with over 100% payback at mid-limits offered by Downtown Grand in Vegas, then downgraded (7:29:13). Lucky Lady Casino in Gardena, CA has roof collapse (7:46:04). tradershky co-hosts part of this marathon 8-hour episode.

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