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Thread: Robert Alexander: The latest gambler to have embezzled to keep in action (plus he owes Antonius!)

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    Robert Alexander: The latest gambler to have embezzled to keep in action (plus he owes Antonius!)

    Meet Robert Alexander.

    This attractive fellow, pictured above with Charles Oakley, luckboxed into $30 million in the early 2000s, thanks to his role in distributing the highly successful Grand Theft Auto series.

    In the late '90s, he was president of the video game company "Jack of All Games", which was sold to Take Two Interactive in 1998. The sale netted Alexander $30 million, and he stayed on to help distribute Grand Theft Auto that year, but in 1999, he was fired for unknown reasons.

    In the years following, he shot off a lot of his net worth via crazy spending and gambling. At one point, he bragged about a 2004 run-up in Vegas where he won $7.8 million at the Golden Nugget.

    "But how much did he lose?"


    When he got divorced in 2006 after a marriage of 17 years, he claimed to be broke, but perhaps that was just creative accounting to avoid giving his ex-wife anything.

    Regardless, he did actually show signs of being busto. In 2007, for example, he supposedly took a loan for $200,000 while at the craps table from a friend, and never paid it back.

    Patrik Antonius claims that Alexander owes him $700,000, perhaps loaned to him during a high stakes poker game.

    What really got Robert into hot water was his new company, Kizzang, founded in 2013.

    According to this company profile, Kizzang supposedly had $9.2 million in estimated annual revenue.

    The same profile describes Kizzang as follows:

    Kizzang is a promotional provider of free to play sweepstakes, slots and sports contests with real cash rewards.

    Kizzang is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Robert Alexander is the Founder & CEO of Kizzang. Kizzang's latest funding round was a Equity for $770K on Feb 2013.

    However, according to the SEC, Kizzang never had any real source of revenue, and Alexander was simply embezzling the funding for personal use.

    Reportedly he raised about $9 million total from 53 different investors, and also lied about having created Grand Theft Auto.

    He was arrested on February 7, 2019.

    Allegations in the criminal case claim that he embezzled $404,000 for use in casinos, and $579,000 for credit card bills. He allegedly embezzled another $400,000 for other purposes, including for buying his daughter a car.

    Those that know him are claiming he's basically another Erick Lindgren -- someone who didn't mean to cheat anyone permanently, and felt that another "hot streak" or other windfall of money would rescue him. I guess this could also be named the "Full Tilt defense", because that was what the owners of Full Tilt felt when they stole player money.

    He loved to take photos with pretty girls. Here's one of them:

    I have to imagine that some of this money was blown on hookers and/or gold diggers.

    Here's a good article about him from the NY Post, of all places:

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    On a side note, if you invest money in a company named, "Kizzang" - you deserve to get cleaned out, dawg

    "Donk down, thatís what you say to someone after they have lost 28K straight?" - Phil Hellmuth, online

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