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Thread: Used to have a few minute window for deleting rep, no longer?

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    Used to have a few minute window for deleting rep, no longer?

    This is hardly important, but you've implemented almost every other good suggestion on here, so here's a feature(?) that I would love to have back.

    Used to be, if you gave someone rep and wanted to delete it for any reason (wrong color, spelling, etc), you could go to and delete the given rep within a few minutes, maybe 5 or so? Maybe only 2? After deleting, you could re-give the rep, change to another color, hels yourself, etc.

    Anyway, noticed tonight that you can;t do that anymore. Gave some rep, immed went to my usercp, and could not delete the rep.

    If you could give back that deleting window, that'd be pretty cool.
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    Try it now. I think I got it working again.

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    Nice, it works again! Ty.
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