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Thread: Philadelphia career criminal steals car with 3 kids inside, gets stuck in traffic, gets dragged out of car and beaten to death

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    Philadelphia career criminal steals car with 3 kids inside, gets stuck in traffic, gets dragged out of car and beaten to death

    Heartwarming story:

    Eric Hood, a 54-year-old career criminal, jumped into a car with 3 kids inside and attempted to speed off. He was presumably trying to steal the car, not kidnap the children. It's unclear what he intended to do with the children once he got away.

    However, he didn't get away. He got stuck in traffic, and it was long enough for the father of the kids to chase down the car on foot, open the car door, and drag Hood out of the car.

    Hood was able to get up and run off, but the father chased him down.

    The father started beating Hood, and the crowd around saw what was going on and some people joined in.

    Hood was beaten to death by both the father and the crowd.

    No charges have been filed yet.

    Personally I believe that if you jump in a car and drive off with someone's kids, and you get dragged out and beaten to death, you got what you deserved, and everyone should move on.

    This isn't too different from the incident in New York, where a guy broke into an apartment and attempted to rape a woman, and then her husband came home, saw the rapist attempting to leave the building, and beat him to death. No charges were filed in that one.

    The kids weren't harmed in any way, btw -- at least not physically.

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    Been a few cases here recently where an opportunist thief steals a car after the driver parks up for a brief moment to grab something from the shop while leaving a young child/baby in the back seat.

    Thankfully each time the thief abandoned car & kid a short distance away after realizing they had a surprise passenger.

    Can't be many worse feelings as a parent seeing a potential monster drive away with your baby. And in a warped kind of way, you almost feel a shred of sympathy for the thief at the moment he first looks into the rearview mirror.

    As for the boy in Philly. Yeah, he had to go... Mistakenly taking a kid = some jail. Intentionally taking 3 = death (even if he planned to dump them unharmed)

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