In case you are following along with anyone's updates in a WSOP event one thing to be aware of is that the chip counts and standings as posted on are only 100% accurate before the start of play on each day. Once play starts it is up to each individual player to update their own chip count using the MyStack App. Because the majority of players are not doing this, the WSOP site will not update for them. So a person who is doing updates with MyStack will show correct chip counts (provided they know how to count and are honest), but their place in the standings is never going to be correct.

I had a bunch of people sending me messages saying "I see you're one of the chip leaders!" or "You're in the top 15" when I knew I had just an average stack. So just keep that in mind when you are following along. It would be nice if WSOP did more to encourage people to do the updates on MyStack. Once you get to day two there is a little card on your seat that mentions it, but it should really be promoted more.