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Thread: $10k WSOP Short Deck event a disaster -- only 61 entries, reentry still allowed with 18 left!

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    $10k WSOP Short Deck event a disaster -- only 61 entries, reentry still allowed with 18 left!

    To show what a joke the Day 2 entry thing has become, reentry is still open with just 18 players left in the $10k Short Deck event.

    It's a wrap for Day 1 of the first ever $10,000 Short Deck No-Limit Hold'em event at the World Series of Poker. A total of 61 entry slips were sold today, but only 18 competitors bagged chips at the conclusion of Day 1. With late registration still being open till the start of Level 11 on Day 2 (around 5:15 p.m), these numbers are not final.


    This really needs to stop. They've sped up the structures for Day 1 of these $10ks in order to give more play on subsequent days. That's fine, except they can't allow late registration through Day 2 if they're going to do this.

    The WSOP also should start offering $1500 Short Deck events, in order to introduce more people to the game.

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    What was chip stack when registered with 18 left? How high were the blinds? JUst curious.

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    Yikes ...

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    Short deck is for short bus.

    Fuck that crap.

    There are so many fun mixed games with a normal accepted deck. This basically just takes holdem and fucks with the frequencies of everything. You could just as well add a 5th suit, or a couple extra ranks and have same game.

    It was designed by wealthy blood sucking pros to depart dipshits out of their money without ever having to actually learn that much new.

    I guess it might appeal to fish because it is so similar to regular holdem, but why? So many fun mixed games. This shit is just stupid and doesn't actually appeal to any actual mixed game players.

    Glad to see it die. It is a stupid idea, only popularized because it came from some extremely high-stakes games and people are lemmings.

      sah_24: agreed, always seemd fucking stupid ...

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    Late registration closed around 5:30pm on day 2 after level 10.

    There were 56 players still in it as of level 11.

    114 players total, 18 places paid.

    It's an anti game with button posting double anti.

    If you bought in at that last second (which a lot of people did) you got 30 antis. (you would completely anti out in ~25 hands)

    The only benefit of ninja regging last second is your hourly will go up, not your EV. Most players are losing EV by late regging (which means other players are gaining EV)

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