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Thread: Taking a Shot in Vegas

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    Taking a Shot in Vegas

    My buddy, The Gooch, and I are hitting Vegas this week. I've dug into my gambling vault to find some artifacts so I can study up!

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    Attention wannabe cardsharps: I've got a solid week of Poker Face Paul experience behind me. And I'll be bringing my Game Gear on the plane to hone my skills even more. If you see any 4-handed game of 5 Card Stud around town, I'll be the one with a pile of chips in front of me.

    I'll probably be spending most of my time at Caesars Palace because I've worked out all of my gambling systems on the SNES game. But I might drop by the Horseshoe to hopefully catch a glimpse of poker super star Kevin McBride. We're gonna break Vegas baby!

      Dan Druff: lol super caesars palace
      Shizzmoney: Poker Face Paul GG rep
      jacosta24: Very nice!
      Prodigal son: Shrink & Gooch podcast

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