Check out how sanctimonious the mainstream segment of the jailbreak community has become:


There's a jailbreak app called Cercube which allows you to do a few extra things with the YouTube app, such as allowing YouTube to play in the background as you use other apps, as well as downloading YouTube videos.

Cercube has been pulled from "main" Cydia repo BigBoss (which comes with Cydia by default, and houses many of the jailbreak apps), and discussion of Cercube has also been banned from Reddit's /r/jailbreak subreddit.


Because they claim this amounts to "piracy" both of these features are now part of YouTube Premium. So their logic is, "Since you have to pay for these features on YouTube Premium, we are uncomfortable supporting enabling them through a tweak."

What kind of fucking sanctimonious bullshit is this?

The whole point of jailbreaking is to unrestrict your device from the control of Apple and other corporations.

Just because this unrestriction happens to now enable a few features now being sold at a premium does NOT equate to piracy.

The big difference here is that, long before YouTube Premium existed, Cercube and other jailbreak apps allowed you to do background play and downloads. Google could have placed these features into YouTube many years ago, but simply chose not to bother.

Now some suit at Google said, "Hey, you know what.. let's finally put these features in, and charge people who want them!"

So now everyone who enabled those features on their phone all this time are suddenly equivalent to software pirates?

Get the fuck outta here.

In general, I don't like when controls are placed within any kind of hacker community which exists to break free of control. Whether or not you support piracy, it really isn't the jailbreak community's place to put out the effort to thwart it. And if they are going to thwart it, it should be directed at protecting the little guy programmer, not behemoths like Google who suddenly add a feature that jailbreak apps have given us for many years.

Of course, you can still access these tools by finding the developer's repos and adding that to your Cydia, but this really is a bunch of bullshit.