Just wanted to weigh in on the mark up debate.
I hold the common position that it is a free market. And people can charge what they can. However I don't think people should be criticized for criticizing others rates. Especially when they are higher than average.
Consumer education is part of the free market.
Ex. If car dealer "A" asks 20k for a new car. Car dealer "B" asks 40k for the same car. No one would criticize someone for telling there friends to go to dealer "A". Since "B" is a much worse value.
While it might be true that no one actually knows what someones true value in tourney is. There is enough data out there to determine a resonable approximation for an average.
Gambling only exists because people dont understand the nature of the exchange. Casinos would close up quik. If they posted a sign that said " hand us $100/1000,watch this wheel spin, we give you $85/850 back"
The mark up market is not well understood and benifits from this same concept.