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Thread: Event #18 - $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship 06/06/2019 @ 3:00pm

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    Event #18 - $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship 06/06/2019 @ 3:00pm

    Druff will be playing this event.

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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    At the 10k O8. We start with 60k chips this year, up from 50k last year. We are playing 500-1000 already though. #pfa18
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Looks like a pretty good table draw by 10j standards. Already seen some "interesting" hands played preflop by others here. I have 65k right now. #pfa18
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Moved to a much worse table. Ugh. I have 61k. #pfa18
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Tough 3-way pot with top 2 and flush draw, was against top set and didn't make flush. Down to 56300. #pfa18
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Card dead, and losing the few hands I play. 51500. #pfa18
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Getting some A23x suited hands, none are hitting. Down to 46k. #pfa18
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Not running well today. 37400, playing 1200/2400 (600/1200 blinds). #pfa18
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Three way pot when I have Js5s2c3c in the cutoff against the blinds. 522 flop, 5 turn, 7 river, and I end up chopping. Annoying. I have 41700. #pfa18
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    AsQs77 on button, open raise, BB calls. KT5 two spade board. I get check raised but still have plenty of outs, but lay it down when another T hits turn. Down to 32400. #pfa18
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    28k at end of level 6. Maybe the hands will finally hit in the upcoming level. I've won 1 small pot in last few hours. #pfa18
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Continued inability to hit any flop drops me to 20k. Time is now to run well. Playing 2k/4K. #pfa18
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    After twice trying to get my 7900 in UTG and getting folds, I called BB against Chris Vitch with 225T two spades. Flop QK6 two spades, we got it in. He had higher spades no pair. Spade on turn, lol 5 on river. Out. #pfa18
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Dreadful luck on this one. Lost every hand except one small for several hours. Was slow death, as I simply missed flop or draws without too much action. Probably doing Millionaire Maker tomorrow. Will announce that soon. #pfa18
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