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Thread: Event #4 - $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better 05/30/2019 @ 3:00pm

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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    So far so good. 3-0 at new table. 12775 now. Not clear about the break order. This table may not last long. #pfa04
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    Tweet from: MdjPoker (MDJ Poker)

    First hand I played on level 3...AcAhKd3d...turned set of aces, lost to spade flush on river. Down to 9075. #pfa04
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    Tweet from: MdjPoker (MDJ Poker)

    A2K10 on KQ5Q board, checked around on turn and J river gives me the pot. Up to new high of 11475. #pfa04
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    Tweet from: MdjPoker (MDJ Poker)

    The player at our table who had the most chips just got moved off, I guess that's a good thing as he was a good player. Maybe we can get someone worse to take his place. We have one player with just about 500 left, close to our first elimination. #pfa04
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Beginning level 4, which is same as level 3 (100-200 blinds, 200/400 limits). I have 14525 after my full house in the blind beat a flopped flush on turn. #pfa04
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    Tweet from: MdjPoker (MDJ Poker)

    End of level 3. We just had our first player eliminated at our table. Bet levels same on level 4, 200/400. I have 11675. #pfa04
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Flopped straight, scooped pot. Then flopped A77 while holding AAKT and opponent folded turn. Up to 17025. #pfa04
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    Tweet from: MdjPoker (MDJ Poker)

    Just took down a little pot with a beautiful looking Aa2s4d5d hand. Nice to not have to see river because all I had for high was a pair of 2's. Up to 13125. #pfa04
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    Tweet from: MdjPoker (MDJ Poker)

    Time for second break. Lost one pot to go back down to 11425. #pfa04
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Guy tried to bluff me and failed. This followed a hand where I got rivered heads up for both ends of the pot. Sitting with 17425.

    Playing 250/500 with blinds half that.

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    Tweet from: MdjPoker (MDJ Poker)

    Lots of action for me recently...won three pots and lost a disappointing one where I had thought I won the whole pot with a good high and low hand, and I ended up having to explain to my opponent that he actually had better hands both ways. At 17450 now. #pfa04
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    Tweet from: MdjPoker (MDJ Poker)

    Early in level six I have the most chips at my table, 20225. Hope I am not jinxing myself! #pfa04
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Super card dead these past 85 min. I have 16700. 803 registered so far, 720 left. #pfa04
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Table is breaking, and amazingly not after my blinds! Sorry to leave this table, it was much better than the first. #pfa04
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    Tweet from: MdjPoker (MDJ Poker)

    Phil Hellmuth just sat down at my table. I got dealt AA2 first hand after that and scooped the pot. This is nuts. People are watching our table now. Up to 21750. #pfa04
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    First hand at new table, A338. 3-ways. Flop q73, I raise, heads up. Turn 7, SB check raises me. River Q, he checks, I bet, he calls. Says I'm "fucking lucky" thinking Q helped me. He just had 7!

    Up to 21200. #pfa04
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Weird pot just went down where, with 3 of us left on river, my low was chopped 3 ways and my pair of 5s chopped 2 ways for the high!

    Barely made anything obviously. Sitting with 21650. #pfa04
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    Tweet from: MdjPoker (MDJ Poker)

    Currently 815 people registered...not sure how many have been eliminated yet. But people can still enter for another 2 1/2 hours I think. #pfa04
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    Tweet from: MdjPoker (MDJ Poker)

    I have 23075 starting level 7. #pfa04
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Flopped huge draw both ways, bricked both turn & river. Was 3 ways so it cost me a lot. Down to 16750. #pfa04
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