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Thread: Event #4 - $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better 05/30/2019 @ 3:00pm

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    Event #4 - $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better 05/30/2019 @ 3:00pm

    Druff will be playing this event.

    You can automatically post in this thread through Twitter by adding hashtag #pfa04 to your tweets.

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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    This account will be active again, starting today. I will be using it for chip updates at #wsop, as I do each year. Today at 3pm PT, I will be playing the $1500 O8 event. See you then! #pfa04
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1134043677360152576

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    Tweet from: MdjPoker (MDJ Poker)

    Here we are, about to get started! With my lucky charms! #pfa04
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1134217882995269632

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    Tweet from: MdjPoker (MDJ Poker)

    Won my first pot already on the second hand. Good start! #pfa04
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1134219789113552896

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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    O8 going now! 10k starting chips, starting blinds 50-100, playing 100-200 limit. I cashed in 59th out of 1100-something a year ago. #pfa04
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1134222429796982784

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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Rivered by flush, down to 9k. Still very early so this is mostly meaningless. Last year I got off to a good start, though. #pfa04
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1134224980504223745

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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Not a good table draw at all. Players here are of Day 2 caliber overall. Disappointing. #pfa04
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1134226938699010049

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    Tweet from: MdjPoker (MDJ Poker)

    Play at my table is pretty big pots for anyone yet. Started at 10,000, went up to 10,850, sitting at 10,100 now. #pfa04
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1134229710341267458

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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Took almost an hour but finally won a hand. Ac3cTx7x in blind, flop TT7. Up to 9450. #pfa04
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1134230782849871872

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    Tweet from: MdjPoker (MDJ Poker)

    AA38 scooped a pot with set of aces and live three for low. Up to 10800 at end of level one. Limits up to 150/300 now. #pfa04
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1134233550939492352

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    Tweet from: MdjPoker (MDJ Poker)

    We finally had five people see a flop! Play here has been tight. #pfa04
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1134238577452146688

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    Tweet from: MdjPoker (MDJ Poker)

    Very rookie mistake by dealer. She split a pot into thirds when one player won 3/4...resulted in her paying wrong amounts. Affected players didn't say anything but the rest of the table spoke up and corrected the error. Only one upset was the player who had been overpaid #pfa04
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1134239741342130176

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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Flopped flush on BB with JxTc3c8x. Was 3rd nuts with A and K on flop. 9-9 turn and river, still won. Up to 10150.

    Haven't hit a single draw, both hands won were flopped.

    Jeff Madsen at this table, btw.

    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1134241153765728256

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    Tweet from: MdjPoker (MDJ Poker)

    Have not seen a playable hand in a little while...lost a couple hands after catching second best hands in the blinds...down to 9075. #pfa04
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1134244949703122949

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    Tweet from: MdjPoker (MDJ Poker)

    We had one player moved off of our table. Wish I was him! Got 1/2 a pot, up to 9750. #pfa04
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1134246873986822144

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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Another great flop, holding 79 on a T68 rainbow board in the blind. Bad turn/river of J/9, win 3-way pot anyway, lose next hand to 1-outer by Madsen.

    About 10500 at break #pfa04
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1134248316944826368

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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    680 players so far, steadily rising. Was 511 during level 1 when I looked. Still may fall short of last year's 1100+. #pfa04
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1134249276421181440

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    Tweet from: MdjPoker (MDJ Poker)

    10475 at first break. Most everyone at my table...maybe between 8000 and 12000 #pfa04
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1134252339433431040

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    Tweet from: MdjPoker (MDJ Poker)

    Before break won a nice 3/4 pot with 35KQ in big blind. Heads up, flop was 4610, turn J, river offsuit A and we both caught broadway but I had the better low. I finally got to three-bet someone...#pfa04
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1134253080982122497

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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Flush over flush on river loss. Moved to new table where I won 2 small pots. Back to around 10500. This table better. #pfa04
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1134256297434476545

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