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Thread: Event #3 - $500 Big 50 NL Holdem 05/31/2019 @ 11:00am

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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    There's an Asian chick here with a weird playstyle who is killing it.

    She's gotta have near $5m. I lost 475k to her after hitting my high. #pfa03
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Holding an anemic 440k. Next play is all in obviously. 690 left, guaranteed $3273. Trash hands abound. #pfa03
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    All in pre late pos with A4hh. Button all in over me with 66. SB reluctantly mucks 99 pre, not happy to see that.

    Flop Q56 one heart. Jh on turn gives me flush draw. Brick river. Out.

    Fittingly, I'm 666th place after being busted by 666.

    Cash $3273. #pfa03
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    Nice run. Even in this "rake free" event, Caesars still manages to earn $676,065 -- more that 3rd place money. Well played, Caesars.

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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Never saw 1.5m in this event, though I got close twice. Guy I made tough fold against told me I made the right move, if that's any consolation.

    O8 satellite tonight at 8pm, provided it's not cancelled. $10k O8 tomorrow at 3pm, too.

    See you soon. #pfa03
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    Tweet from: sfb45 (Scott ???)

    @DanDruffPoker Great fucking run @ToddWitteles! Enjoy the cash and get ready for the next one! #pfa03
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    Tweet from: ToddWitteles (Todd Witteles)

    Thought payout line would be reasonable at 1:30am. Nope! Still awful. Will have to collect the $3273 I'm owed... later, I guess. #pfa03
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    Nice run. Congratulations Druff. Now win some money in the staked events!

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