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Thread: Event #3 - $500 Big 50 NL Holdem 05/31/2019 @ 11:00am

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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Not much going on so far. Still sitting with around 30k. #pfa03
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    There's actually a baby screaming in the background of this event.

    Things I never thought I'd experience at the WSOP.
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    Tweet from: jacosta24 (Jerkmain)

    38k at the second break my table has broken 3 times so far #yawn #fest #pfa03
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Starting with the 4th hand after break, I was dealt the bottom 1/3 of all hands every time for almost 100 minutes. Not exaggerating. Pretty amazing. Going to break with about 26k. #pfa03
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1134925066456539141

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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Picked up black JJ. Ran into TT which gave less action than I thought on low board, even after I checked turn to trap. He did call river bet after black fell. Up to 40k #pfa03
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1134934186983186432

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    Tweet from: jacosta24 (Jerkmain)

    Everytime I 3 bet I get called..can't wait to start catching some hands 39k #pfa03
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Back to starting stack after someone trying to bluff me and I shoved on them. #pfa03
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Sitting with 53k at break. Day is half over. It is hot in the #warehouse but thankfully I dressed in short sleeves & shorts!
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    Tweet from: jacosta24 (Jerkmain)

    3rd break made a few moves almost back to stacking stack 49k #pfa03
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    For those wondering, this is my last tournament until June 5. I will play the O8 satellite on the 5th at 8pm, then the $10k O8 on the 6th. #pfa03
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Won two consecutive hands without showdown to go up to 79k #pfa03
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    Tweet from: ToddWitteles (Todd Witteles)

    Hey @WSOP, the #warehouse across from the buffet has BAGS over the A/C units!! We are dying in here! Super hot AND stuffy!

    Floor refuses to expedite work order put in YESTERDAY!

    This is not a proper venue. Please move us or fix AC!
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Sitting with 88800. #pfa03 #warehouse #oppressiveheat #stuffy #fail
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    Tweet from: jacosta24 (Jerkmain)

    Lost a big one with 77 vs AQ to a river Ace dropped down to 30k. Next hand get 77 raise again and flop a set against 3 players. Up to 62k. #pfa03
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1134969575643107328

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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Won some hands to get to 107k, but then had to make a lay down with top pair 8s against a tight player's 43k all in on the flop. I have 95600. #pfa03 #warehouse #roadhouse
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Put a guy in for his final 42k, he didn't call. Up to 117k. #warehouse #pfa03
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    Tweet from: jacosta24 (Jerkmain)

    Won a couple more pots sitting at 79k at the color up #pfa03 #WSOP50
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Went to break with 137k. Starting up again now. #pfa03
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Up to 151k #pfa03
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    Tweet from: DanDruffPoker (Todd Witteles)

    Limped 6 ways. Fired T53 two club flop. Everyone folds. Up to 171k #pfa03 #fofty #warehouse
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1135002226248654848

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