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Thread: This thread has all tweets with the #wsop hashtag

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    Tweet from: ShannonShorr (shannonshorr)

    Only fitting whoever wins Big 50 waited in line for 4.5 hours minimum. In before the feel good story. #WSOP
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1135338907271217152

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    Tweet from: drew_amato (Drew Amato)

    A lesson on winning your first bracelet from @mcmaster213

    1. Get it in very good heads up for your first bracelet
    2. Watch your opponent hit one of his 4 outs on the turn.
    3. Spike one of your two outs to win your first bracelet
    4. Rejoice

    @PokerCentral #WSOP
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1135340289357373445

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    Tweet from: Lazeryth939 (Nick DeVries)

    My #WSOP trip so far-
    PH cash +450 Big 50. Turn top two with AQ vs set of 5s. PLO AAQJss get it in vs K(K10s)5 lose to spades. 300k @ GN flop set of 4 on A high flop against AQ runs 2 more spades to give the flush to his Q. Orleans cash 1/3 flop top 2 with 910 vs 99. #wsop2019
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1135340455539798016

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    Tweet from: Jon_Pardy (Jon W. Pardy)

    Back in!!! Final bullet in the #Big50 !! Starting with 30 bigs, lets spin it! #WSOP
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1135340870931177473

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    Tweet from: FantasyDaryl (Jordanofpkr)

    Can Aces ever hold up?!?! #wsop2019 #WSOP #onlinebracelet
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1135342483179573248

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    Tweet from: JohnAPoker (John Anthony)

    The amount of cash grinders here for the #wsop all over town that are watching ipads with huge headphones on is out of control. Do you guys even understand how to take care of your clientele. Call them out @Joeingram1
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1135343241660735488

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    Tweet from: Lazeryth939 (Nick DeVries)

    I forgot to add a PLO hand where I has QhQcJh9c vs AK1010 on a Q104cc board. Opponent only wants to run it once. Dealer some how found the J of spades and blanked me on the river. $950 pot. #wsop #WSOP2019 #PLO
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1135344398684712960

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    Tweet from: Jon_Pardy (Jon W. Pardy)

    QQ>AK! HUGE HOLD!! We are back to 60K!! I FEEL IT BABY!!! #WSOP
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1135345668397051905

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    Tweet from: PokerNews (PokerNews)

    Interested in following along with #WSOP Event # 7: $400 NLH Online Bracelet event? Here are some options for you to watch right now on @TwitchPoker at no cost!

    Event coverage: ?
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1135348023679053824

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    Tweet from: fitzpoker (Scott Fitzhugh)

    Planned on working on flight but after a 1 hour delay, we now need a nap. See you soon #wsop
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1135348816624979970

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    Tweet from: Beaner3131 (Trenton Bean)

    Congratulations @mcmaster213! Big win! Super happy for you. #WSOP #wsop2019
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1135348853857820672

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    Tweet from: Fathead4A (Jacob D.)

    Played 7.5 hours and was never above 50k starting stack ? #WSOP #Big50
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1135350193736507392

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    Tweet from: sdaviespoker (Scott Davies)

    Good start in the online bracelet event, up to 35.5k from 15k starting stack at 140/280. #wsop
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1135350978813632512

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    Tweet from: hatchetchoppin (TwoThreeFifty)

    @TheTrooper97 Trooper might be talking about just during the #WSOP not the whole year!
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1135351641610149888

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    Tweet from: texjosh07 (texjosh07)

    Letís. fucking. go. #WSOP
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1135351974344265728

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    Tweet from: NowExposeYou (Brandon R. Wittmeyer)

    Oh god! Have the nut straight and all in on turn. Board pairs ? Loser! Now have to sweat Warriors +3 with a sick ? Curry. Uphill battle here. #NBAFinals2019 #WSOP
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1135353504866873344

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    Tweet from: TripleFo (J Fotak)

    156K at break. Going to 1000/2000. #WSOP #BigFifty #BigFofty #Poker
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1135354467174404097

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    Tweet from: PokerNews (PokerNews)

    It's official! The 2019 #WSOP #BigFifty Event is the largest live tournament in poker history!

    Check out the details here: ?
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1135359324744605696

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    Tweet from: jeffkimberpoker (Jeff Kimber)

    Bust the #WSOP #Big50 shoving A4 otb into bb's AT. Never recovered from AK losing to T8hh on KK7hh flop, and AA v 55 in 3b pot, he flopped a set on a drawy board.

    What a great comp, can't wait to play next event! Gl #TeamGrosvenor
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1135359647592828928

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    Tweet from: djmacjr (DJ MacKinnon)

    No lines at reg, would guess ~20 minute wait to get seated at this point #wsop
    Tweet URL:!/x/status/1135360431529136128

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