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Thread: This thread has all tweets with the #wsop hashtag

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    Tweet from: MundoPokerBr (MundoPoker)

    "WSOP: João Simão chega perto da mesa final do Evento #78, mas garante ITM"
    #mundopoker #wsop
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    Tweet from: GGPokerOfficial (GGPoker)

    Who wins heads up?
    #ggpoker #poker #wsop #WSOPMainEvent #GGIFridays
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    Tweet from: Impetermoran (P. James Moran (Intellectual))

    Su won’t make the final table - he jammed open ended on a turn against Greenwood and said he was “trying to take advantage of the pay jump”.....Greenwood has cashed 8 figures, he’s not laying aces up down because of 5 figure bumps #wsop
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    Tweet from: ThirstLounge (Thirst Lounge)

    It’s Day 3 of the Main Event and Drew is all in for his tournament life.
    Will the 8”s hold against AK? ?
    #wsop #MainEvent
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    Tweet from: 888pokerSpain (888poker España)

    De un satélite online de $109 en #888poker, a compartir mesa en las #WSOP con Antonio Sfandiari y convertirse en el #ChipLeader del mayor torneo de poker del mundo...

    Esta es la historia de Dean Morrone
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    Tweet from: ISRecruit (ISR Recruitment)

    Technology News: Sport is taking over everywhere this week-end and with the WSOP Main Event reaching Day 6, we’ve heard news a bot that can play poker the professionals new tricks. #AI #Sports #WSOP #AFCON2019 #BritishGP #Wimbledon #NWC2019 #CWC19
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    Tweet from: PokerCoronaGirl (Debra Young)

    Final Table 1999, 1st-Noel Furlong, 2)Alan Goehring, 3)Padraig Parkinson, 4)Erik Seidel, 5)Chris Bigler, 6)Huck Seed. Entrants 393 vs 8,569 this year. Events 17 vs 89. TJ Cloutier in first pic. @Padraigpoker-my sightline from bleachers... #WSOP @Mike_partypoker re: earlier posts
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    Tweet from: tomyates1991 (Tom Yates)

    Does anybody know who the fuck Nicholas Marchington is?! Kids come out of nowhere and is chip leader with 35 players left! With $10 million for 1st.. #wsopmain #worldseriesofpoker #wsop
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    Tweet from: Lewisisthename (Lew88)

    @PokerGO Want to invest in a APP that is going to go bankrupt? Try #PokerGo. You cannot even fast forward using Firestick. The piece of crap App made me Log In again this morning, and thus I have to watch HOURS of #WSOP again just to get back to was last night. LAME! #PokerGoSux
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    Tweet from: Lewisisthename (Lew88)

    @PokerGO PokerGo is run by absolute morons. Fast-forward does not even work. Imagine not being able to go through hours of stuff you already watched to get back to where you were. #WSOP #PokerGoSucks
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    Tweet from: TxRyanCards (Ryan)

    "Playing thousands of hands against some of the world's best human professionals...the bot came out ahead". I don't know, I think I'd still take Johnny Chan over the AI. #Rounders #WSOP
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    Tweet from: Harrahs_AkChin (Harrah's Ak-Chin)

    The 50th annual World Series of Poker is breaking records & the tournaments aren't over yet! See how the Main Event breaks down by the numbers here:
    #WSOP #MayTheOddsBeEverInYourFavor #Poker #PokerTounament #WhoWillWin #Millionaires
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    Tweet from: TiniePopcornPD (????The Real AzzyMac ????)

    Looks like the single-card thumb-fold is GTO this year #wsop2019 #WSOP #WSOPMainEvent
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    Tweet from: thePokerWire (The Poker Wire)

    ? In 2014, Martin Jacobson won the #WSOP Main Event for $10,000,000. There were 6,683 entrants in the... via @PokerNews
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    Tweet from: kevinrand (Kevin Rand)

    Well it was a helluva run that ended yesterday. 84th in the #wsop Main Event. Thanks to everyone who sweated and supported my run! I’m so grateful for everything. I’ll be back next year looking to go even deeper.
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    Tweet from: BarDown (BarDown)

    Toronto poker player loses million chip hand in brutal fashion with pocket aces at #WSOP Main Event. MORE:
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    Tweet from: GGPokerOfficial (GGPoker)

    It's FRIDAY. Which means...#GGIFridays! There's something for everyone. Enjoy!
    #poker #ggpoker #GGIFridays #wsop #casino
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    Tweet from: Chix4free (Bob Slezak)

    The final long slog to the payout line 2019. Tough beats last night but a cash in the Bracelet Holder Event can’t be all bad, right? #WSOP
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    Tweet from: fullmoonhalf (????????)

    #wsop Main Event Day 7 ??? hiroki nawa ?????????????FT ???????? ESPN ??????????????????
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