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Thread: This thread has all tweets with the #wsop hashtag

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    Tweet from: EricMizrachi (Eric Mizrachi)

    Wishing @GarryGates the best of luck today on day 6 of the @WSOP Main Event! #WSOP ????????
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  2. #10722
    Tweet from: hyper6webdesign (Hyper6)

    #hyper6 Your favorite design company is very proud to be a sponsor of Zack Koerper in the #WSOP main event in #LasVegas. Good luck buddy! Currently in 20th place, with just 35 people to go! Let's go buddy!
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  3. #10723
    Tweet from: Thrash370 (Zackary Koerper)

    Day 7 main event! Let's get it! Proud to be repping my friend's company @hyper6webdesign! He actually built my now defunct website it was beautiful. #poker #wsop #wsopme #wsopmainevent #wsop50
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    Tweet from: Impetermoran (P. James Moran (Intellectual))

    People are dropping from the #WSOP like flies in day 7. The fatigue is real. Still waiting for Su to show his rookie colors
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    Tweet from: PokerroomKings (King's Resort)

    WSOP 2019, Main Event, DAY 7, Three players with the colors of King's, good luck !

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  6. #10726
    Tweet from: POKERnosUNE (#POKERnosUNE)

    La brutal mano con la que fue eliminado Sam Greenwood del #WSOP Main Event:
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    Tweet from: Ragnarok235 (DELMAS Adrien)

    Dans le rail de le Mega spicy sausage @ValueMerguez en TF du #WSOP 3K. Deuxième finale de son festival il va les dérouleeeeeeer !
    Also rooting for the housemate @plenopads, let's do this HU boys ?
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  8. #10728
    Tweet from: JayMinz (Jason ?)

    Last minute trip to Vegas booked. Going to go rail the final tables of the #WSOP main event tonight and hop in a daily deep stack tournament tomorrow. Weather is in the 100s so it’s probably too hot for the pool. Wheels up in an hour ? #LifeIsGood
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  9. #10729
    Tweet from: neilv93 (Neil Vincent ??)

    How tf has it been four years since @RealKidPoker’s deep run in the Main?! Remember hardcore sweating that one the whole week, mad it was that long ago! #WSOP
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    Tweet from: PokerStarsBlog (PokerStarsBlog)

    Behind the scenes at the #WSOP: The feature table flop reader. #wokeuplikethis #nomakeupselfie
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  11. #10731
    Tweet from: maxpescatori (Max Pescatori ????????)

    Not even a chance to give updates on day 2 out 303th Double Stack #wsop
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  12. #10732
    Tweet from: chicago2arizona (Ernie Rossi)

    @maxpescatori On to 85.... #wsop #champ #fiveiscoming
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  13. #10733
    Tweet from: PokerPT (

    Segunda mulher a vencer um evento aberto nas WSOP 2019!

    #poker #pokerpt #WSOP #WSOP50 #torneiosaovivo
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    Tweet from: JoeWeinberger (Joe Weinberger)

    285k on first break of day 2 of the double stack. Coming back to 30k bb. About 170 people left. #wsop
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  15. #10735
    Tweet from: 888poker (888poker)

    “You kind of get used to the feeling of #bluffing it off” - @DominikNitsche on if he feels nervous when bluffing in a #highstakes tournament (currently playing Day 2 of the #WSOP $100,000 NL event). “It’s just poker.” #888poker
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    Tweet from: JoeWeinberger (Joe Weinberger)

    630k in the double stack. More than a full double with AThh > 78hh aipf with an extra 100k dead. #wsop
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    Tweet from: PokerStarsBlog (PokerStarsBlog)

    Put a face to a name. Pictures of all 35 players who came back for Day 7 at the #WSOP Main Event, from @PokerPhotoArciv:
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  18. #10738
    Tweet from: real_diculous (DLo ?)

    #TFW the @WSOP #wsopmainevent is happening, you have a @PokerGO membership and there’s still no Day 7 coverage. #pokergo #cancelled #WSOP #fail
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  19. #10739
    Tweet from: PlayUSAnews (

    The #WSOP and its online events prove there is a market for online #poker in this country
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  20. #10740
    Tweet from: JoeWeinberger (Joe Weinberger)

    1.37 million in the double stack. Full double with ak>aq aipf. 40k bb. 117 left. A little above average. #wsop
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