For decades, the abortion debate has mostly fallen out of public discussion -- so much that it rarely becomes a major part of any Presidential platform.

It was generally accepted by the mainstream that abortion would and should be legal in the early months of pregnancy, and then illegal after that unless the mother's life was threatened by the continued pregnancy.

Now, in 2019, the topic has heated up for some reason, and now there's extremism on both sides of the aisle.

In early 2019, New York passed a highly controversial law allowing abortions at ANY TIME (even moments before birth) if it could be determined that the "life or health" of the baby or mother is threatened. Critics (rightfully) claimed that the term "health" was extremely broad, and could be used to describe mental health or minor physical problems, such as back pain. In any case, abortions have also long been legal up to the 24 week mark in New York (and several other states) -- something which many weren't previously aware. 24 weeks is far enough into the pregnancy to where some babies would be viable!

Virginia has a bill on the table which would legalize abortion up until birth in the same fashion, PLUS allow for killing of a baby once born live, if its birth defects are judged serious enough. The bill hasn't passed yet, but as you can imagine, that also caused a lot of controversy.

While laws like these delighted feminists and far leftists, many moderate Democrats groaned, as they feared that these laws would validate Republicans' long-stated rhetoric that Democrats were just waiting for an opportunity to pass laws to kill viable babies. Only 11% of the country was found to be in support of non-life-threatening late term abortion, which many centrist Democats saw as a huge potential problem for the 2020 election, especially since most Democrats were afraid to speak out against these laws.

Democrats used to have a small edge in the public eye regarding their position on abortion, and in fact they occasionally used it to fearmonger that Republicans, if elected, would attack Roe v Wade.

After early 2019, amazingly that long-held edge turned into a liability for the Democrats, given their ill-timed extremism on the abortion matter.

However, now Republicans are angering those in the mainstream regarding their abortion positions.

The states of Georgia, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Ohio have passed "heartbeat laws", making abortion illegal once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

Now, Alabama has proposed a complete ban on abortion in their state, with felony charges to be filed against anyone getting or performing and abortion in that state.

Talk about a tremendous difference in laws.

Republicans aren't doing themselves any favors with this sort of thing. They should have simply stayed put, and then used the insane baby-killing laws of New York and Virginia against Democrats in the 2020 election.

Now both sides are starting to look extreme, and the public isn't going to know which way to go.

I am personally pro-life, but not yet to the point where I feel it should completely be made illegal.

I do very strongly believe that late term abortion is murder, except under very rare and necessary circumstances.