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Thread: Bovada removes certain cash games from site

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    Bovada removes certain cash games from site

    The changes just occurred today.

    They completely removed fixed limit O8. That was always empty anyway, as the anonymous tables killed it years ago. So that wasn't a big loss.

    However, much more baffling was the removal of 15/30 fixed limit holdem, as that tended to go every day. Now 10/20 and 30/60 remain, but no more 15/30.

    They have also killed 9-handed NL Holdem at 5/10 and above. Six handed still has 5/10 and 10/20.

    9-handed fixed limit holdem was killed awhile ago.

    I'm not sure what they're trying to do here. I assume they were removing the dead tables, so as to give fewer choices and thus make the games that do run more active.

    Not a bad idea, but removing 15/30 limit holdem was really strange, as that one went just as much as 30/60.

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    IDK wtf they are doing but the software felt like it was imploding all day yesterday. Kept freezing and would have so many extra processes running when you look at task manager. They just keep making it worse and worse over there sadly lol

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    As someone who played a fair amount of Limit O8 on there back in the day this sucks but they killed almost all of these games with the anonymous seating back in the day.

    Recs and most others need to see these games are running and it's not just one guy sitting every table at every stake for 20bbs because they are not creative in stack size buying in to start a game otherwise they won't play heads up but they will play if others are in the game. These people need to see tables running and make the decision whether they are going to sit or not which many will if they see a game running but they've likely stopped looking for these games a few months after the anonymous seating happened.

    Bovada should have simply kept showing the tables running in the lobby with how many seats available and removed all of those details they had such as % see a flop and hands per hour because none of that stuff mattered anyways on an anon site when we have no clue how long a table has been active or what players have popped in and out anyways.

    They are thinking all of those stats mattered so much that don't in their climate of games but could have just removed them and showed how many are sitting,etc...

    I think they want games to run 3 handed at the bigger stakes too because if you can hit the maximum rake cap a lot more if you have more 3 or 4 handed tables running you will get more hands per hour making more per table but it's still a lot to ask if people aren't willing to play short handed.

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