The changes just occurred today.

They completely removed fixed limit O8. That was always empty anyway, as the anonymous tables killed it years ago. So that wasn't a big loss.

However, much more baffling was the removal of 15/30 fixed limit holdem, as that tended to go every day. Now 10/20 and 30/60 remain, but no more 15/30.

They have also killed 9-handed NL Holdem at 5/10 and above. Six handed still has 5/10 and 10/20.

9-handed fixed limit holdem was killed awhile ago.

I'm not sure what they're trying to do here. I assume they were removing the dead tables, so as to give fewer choices and thus make the games that do run more active.

Not a bad idea, but removing 15/30 limit holdem was really strange, as that one went just as much as 30/60.