If anybody's interested there's an awesome new group called Black List Busted on Facebook designed to out scammers and thieves.. A lot of the folks being exposed are fraudsters who've charged back deposits to various poker sites (a lot of them the infamous PPPoker sites) but recently the previously mentioned Ray Davis from Real Grinders got screwed hard by an asshole for over $3k as Ray was helping out with deposits on Fox Poker, which is RGs preferred online site (I don't know what kind of deal Ray has going with them don't really care) but apparently somebody claimed to be depositing and never did and rooked Ray for over $3k while the asshole was cashing out from Fox Poker at the same time through one of the other poker site admins relentlessly.. Fraudster claims somehow his wife was responsible which is such a lame ass excuse as its been beaten to death by this point by too many folks.. Oh just blame the wife for the chargebacks.. Yeah right Whatever Mofo.. Anyway just wanted to drop that info if anybody wants to join on FB its an interesting group they do demand proof of folks pulling crap and don't let just random accusations be posted.. (contrary to what some self-righteous ass in RG claimed making excuses and defending the jagoff who committed the fraud claiming anybody who repeated the accusation was opening up to be sued by the fraudster despite clear and convincing evidence of the 3k+ in chargebacks which is hilarious considering said self-righteous ass is supposedly a news reporter and shows his location as being in Venezuela neither of which I doubt is true because nobody with any common sense would be in that country as big as a Charlie Foxtrot as its been)