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Thread: Possible cheating going on at The Bike.

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    Possible cheating going on at The Bike.

    Somebody watching the LATB feed saw something tonight which should be very disturbing to many. Even if it’s unintentional it’s clear that there’s is potential for clear cheating by players at the table in a couple of particular seats. The issue is they’ve been using an iPad for a timer at the table which was allowing cards to be seen via reflection potentially as a “shiner”. Here’s the post form FB. (I had forwarded the pic to Todd as I was on my phone at the time but it was too big.. In his defense he thinks this was being overblown but Ill leave this screen capture for people to make their own minds up)

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    I don't see any conclusive evidence.

    I mean, I don't see anything at all.

    You didn't post anything.
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    I was watching CSI Vegas reruns the other day and forgot about the episode with a murder at a Poker Tourney an the old lady with the contact lens and marked Aces.

    Ahhhh good ole cheating.

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