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In My America he is Innocent still. Until Proven Guilty in a Court of U.S> Law and with 12 /20 of his Peers to Judge him and the Judge to sentence him. He got a bad break this week by this Shmuck from the Pirates being in News...Thank God,i missed the Plaxico Burro?burro apt anyhow. ..Ray got this in the news ahead a his trial is sucks. and is biased vs him. i hope his lawyers help him w/ a PR man. if they smart..maybe Mr B here at PFA can help tell him he needs some PR some thing. Yea 20 blocks from my house had to be late Nov 08 Burrro would rather shoot his leg then drop his 14$ drink..Burro.poor guy did 3 yrs,..3 yrs. im glad you dont folloow that act.. I Pray Ray get off by a Jury..He need a guy like "Bull" that TV show Mr B., Todd...In my humble layman opinion. Judge not ,lest you be judged...think fellas.
Wtf is this jibberish? Can someone translate to English please?

translated,loosely, >> "Brother Reallife, Go Lean on a WINDOWPANE w/a dose a "Sushine and a drop a Purple
haze",& study the Flotsam in the Jetson, we see you in awhile..peace -light- love, be aware it gets dark in there so you do, do make sure. You take good care" ShoeshineBox. yr welcome.