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Thread: Cant we at least all agree on one thing??

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    Cant we at least all agree on one thing??

    this is correct unless you have a cat...

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    free limitles

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    all hail Hydra

    Originally Posted by DanDruff:Since I'm a 6'2" Republican with an average-sized nose and a last name which doesn't end with "stein", "man", or "berg", I can hide among the goyim and remain undetected unless I open my mouth about money matters.

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    it's correct even if you have a cat. life carries risks for doing the right thing, and toilet paper streamers are such a risk.

    we are not barbarians.
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    fuck krypt
    geuss im doing it wrong

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    (long before there was a PFA i had my Grenade & Crossbones avatar at DD)

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    I agree!! But if u have your kids doing chores and change it... Its wrong every time!!

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    They’re both wrong, because there is entirely too little left on the roll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tellafriend View Post
    There is only one scumbag here:


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    Quote Originally Posted by GrenadaRoger View Post
    Drive on the right, pass on the left. That’s not even a debate.

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