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Thread: Lol Chicago bulls ownership

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    Lol Chicago bulls ownership

    This is fucking hilarious how dumb they are Jerry buss would have never tolerated this cheap amateur clown show

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    Also holy fuck I miss the NBA and just lol at not renegotiating pippen contract after the 5th ring and hes the 112th highest paid player in the NBA

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    Marrone 23 year old Jordan fucking cooking the 86 dynasty celtics in the garden

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    You talking about the 10 hour documentary, THE LAST DANCE? I watched the first two hours today. It's good.

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    Am I the only one who doesn't care about this docu? What are they going to show that we don't know already?

    The guy was a shitty person and teammate to the other players. Relied a lot on his talent alone and wasn't a good role model based on his off the field work ethic. Kobe and Lebron are MILES ahead of an ambassador to the sport and a better human being.

      Sheesfaced: Lol wrong
    It is in my bones which sucks so can make it hard to move sometimes. Trying to spend as much time with friends and family.

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