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Thread: WSOP Satellites Question

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    WSOP Satellites Question

    Question on the daily satellites that they run at the Rio during the WSOP. If I come in for the $1,500 O/8 tournament on May 30 what types of satellites can I expect to see running on May 29 at the Rio? I would expect to see constantly running single-table NLH sit-n-gos with buy-ins ranging from $150-$1,000 awarding tournament lamers to the winners. But can I also expect a mega- satellite with an approx. $150 buy-in, where omaha/8 is the game played and seats are awarded for about every 10 entries? Do they typically offer something like that and how many people usually play in it? I know Druff played in one for the $10k event last year so I am assuming they do offer it, just looking for further confirmation and details. Also if anyone knows the time these usually start that would be helpful as well...

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    Usually there is a list of them, but it's hard to find online. I'll ask Kevmath.

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    The list of MTT Satellites can be found on page 8 at

    For mixed games under $5,000, 1-table satellites start running the day before the tournament. Structure sheets for 1-tables will be in the tournament area.

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