Surprised nobody has posted this yet.. Apparently theres a huge issue with PokerKingASIA on going and being discussed over on Mallmutts Domain of four.. Out of the blue suddenly tons of accounts were frozen and locked down a few weeks ago.. PKA claims they are running a massive investigation into Agents installing bot players and collusion on going involving several large agent player pools. The claim now is those proven innocent will be refunded but will need to get new accounts through another agent as they plan to ban every account under the agents that have been implicated. Seems like a major Clusterfuck to me..

Heres a link to the thread.. Might be an interesting topic for PFA radio next week.. Some were orginally thinking this was a massive cash grab and run by the owners but it seems maybe not so much as theres a couple of well known folks involved in the security review assisting PKA.. (John Andreas and Nick Petrangelo)